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Jun 14, 2018

Guest Post

It’s easy to envy people who are bilingual or multilingual. For one thing, learning a new language requires a person to understand the grammar and syntax rules that come with it, and to be able to speak and understand an acceptable amount of it for daily conversations can take quite a while to accomplish.

However, this is a skill that extends your experience beyond being merely educational – it also gives one the benefit of being able to converse with people of a different nationality and culture. Not only that, you can also have fun in the process of learning.

Trying to learn a new language can be a bit tricky at first but if you intend to travel around the world, it can certainly come in handy to be at least conversational in some of the most common languages spoken around the world. It also becomes easier for you to understand and appreciate one’s culture if you converse with them in their native tongue, which allows for a better, more immersive experience for everyone involved.

In the infographic below, you will get to know some quirky language facts that will certainly pique your interest, such as which common languages you can learn that will allow you to communicate in most countries.

Even if you don’t want to add a new one to your arsenal immediately, you will certainly be intrigued with these fascinating facts about different languages around the world. Check out this nifty infographic to learn interesting tidbits of information that prove that languages are more than just a complex set of rules, but a treasure trove of fascinating details just waiting to be explored.

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