Are some languages sexier than others?

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While many of us are attracted to the foreign accent of particular nationalities when they speak in our native tongue, is the same true when the foreigners speak in their own language?

I have recently noticed a trend that I am more likely to be attracted to women who are from particular countries over others.

These trends have definitely changed over the years and in particular, as I have traveled more, they have become more nuanced but still a definitive pattern has emerged.

So how big a factor is language playing in all of this? Language is a key element in play when we are interacting with someone who is ‘foreign’ but it is clearly just one of many, e.g., physical attributes, demeanor, values, style, personal interests etc. that can be attributed, in part, to a specific culture. So can language really have a big influence?

Are certain languages more likely to turn you on than others?

As a native English-speaker, certain languages tend to sound relatively harsher or softer to my ear. This is certainly true of German and Dutch which sound relatively ‘harsh’ while a softer language to me would be Italian or French. This is due to particular sounds in these languages. This phenomenon occurs because of the way “G”, “K”, “T” and “R” are pronounced. Sometimes these tendencies are also associated with sounding more ‘masculine’ or ‘feminine’. Such biases have deep-seated rooting in a variety of cultural norms.

Ukrainian Russian German Belarusian shisha Odessa Ukraine

Which language will sound the sexiest at my birthday party? German, Russian, Belarusian or Ukrainian?

A woman speaking German a turn on or a turn off?

As Germanic languages contain relative harsh sounds for a native English-speaker, the sound of German (or Dutch) is not as pleasant to the ear. Of course, some accents and dialects are more agreeable, for example, in southern Germany and Austria, but ultimately speaking to a girl in German is less ‘sexy’ than in other languages, ceteris paribus. So while the individual girl can still be attractive to me, the sound of the German language definitely does not play in her favor.

Giammetti 3 Mädels

Will these models’ native tongues be a turn on or a turn off?*

How about Romance languages?

Many of my female friends tell me that they love the way French guys speak and that they find it ‘sexy’. French with its nasal sounds makes men sound very ‘effeminate’ to my ears but as French guys have a reputation for having a sexy accent this is clearly not a handicap with the ladies. 😀 In general, Romance languages sound attractive to me and I have always loved the melodic sound of Italian especially. This certainly provides the ‘belle donne’of Italy with a strategic linguistic advantage to win over my heart.

Beach Odessa Ukraine

Traveling in Europe has allowed me to make friends with many Germanic, Slavic and Romance language native speakers

Russian – the outlier?

Russian is an interesting mix as men sound ‘macho and strong’ while women sound ‘sweet and sexy’ on the other hand. This is because of the “r” (or “р” in the Cyrillic alphabet) is strongly rolled and the way “h” (“х” and also “г” in some regions) is pronounced in Russian. From a quick internet search, a Russian accent in English seems to have a lot of fans. I am definitely one of them. How about you?

Train Selfie Germany

As a native English-speaker, does this play in my favor or not?

So do you also find that you are attracted or attractive to people who speak a particular language over others? Unfortunately, I don’t have time to go to analyse every language that I speak in this post but I’d love to hear about your experiences so please write a comment below and share the article if you enjoyed it.

*Featured image courtesy of Giammetti Foundation

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