Last evening: Flight out of Kyiv

by Jul 16, 2014English, Travel

Sitting on the modern train from Kharkiv back to Kyiv to catch our flights, we reflected on the short but epic trip through a less-beaten path tourist trail through parts of eastern and south-eastern Europe.

From the bright cosmopolitan lights of Bucharest, Kyiv and Kharkiv to the more bucolic nature of provincial Moldova and Ukraine, it was a compelling and exciting trip.

The post-Soviet decadence of Ukraine during a period of political instability certainly added some extra spice to our adventure while practicing and improving on my Russian, Romanian and Ukrainian was of great personal reward.

Although the three countries have their distinctive features and may vary greatly even internally, the one ingredient that they do certainly share is friendly and warm-hearted locals willing to show the intrepid traveler the beauty of their region.

Happy traveling! 🙂

Train Kharkiv Kyiv Kharkov Kiev

Train from Kharkiv to Kyiv

Previous legs of the trip:

Part 1 – Bucharest, Romania

Part 2 – Chisinau and Balti, Moldova

Part 3 – Moldovan border to Vinnitsa, Ukraine

Part 4 – Kyiv, Ukraine

Part 5 – Kharkiv, Ukraine

Map Ukraine Romania Moldova trip

Map of trip from Romania through to eastern Ukraine

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