Google Translate App Review

by Aug 26, 2013English, Technology, Travel

With smartphones becoming so ubiquitous, utilizing the technology that is available can be really useful in learning languages and communicating more effectively while you are traveling in a country where you are not very comfortable in the local language.

In the video below I give you some tips on how to use Google Translate to good effect while you are traveling.

However, you need to be careful not to be 100% dependent on translations as sometimes Google Translate is wrong. This can lead to some amusing and embarrassing situations as shown in the example in the video.

Features of the Google Translate app:

1. Voice recognition
2. Comprehension list of languages
3. Highlight important phrases for quicker recall
4. Easy access search history
5. Google will pronounce the words using a machine voice

Google Translate is definitely a helpful tool while traveling. I use it frequently and recommend adding the application to your smartphone.

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