Odessa Ukraine tree

Conor Clyne
Creator of the Tsar Experience

I will make your trip to Eastern Europe epic!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to a safe, unforgettable and basically epic trip to Eastern Europe?

Do you want the tsar experience in the region?

Now for a limited number of select people there is the amazing opportunity to speak with me via Skype where I will work you through all your current issues with traveling there and identify any potential pitfalls that lie ahead.

Moreover, for an even more select group who make it through the training, there will be the opportunity to hang out with me in Odessa, Ukraine during the summer party high season. 😀

“Having travelled with Conor, not only is he more well informed than most locals in their own country, he shone a huge metaphorical light over the dark depths and perceptions of Eastern Europe. This meant we could all do what Conor enjoys doing best; having fun!”

Andrew Jackson, UK (as featured at the end of my Odessa video below)

Contact me with the form below and I will provide you with the package details.

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